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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hello everyone! I have news about NoMinimumCashout! Support ticket didn't answered but my pending payment was cancelled! I do not know how but I logged in and there wasn't the message which was telling how much money I had pending. Althouh I didn't lost the money, there were in my balance! So I request my payment again (about 7$) and waiting to recieve it..
Also something about x-bux, yesterday I opened a support ticket and asking about the forum.. Didn't get answered yet, but I want to believe that is too soon to get an answer, and by the end of the day my ticket will answered.

I'm manage to add many things to my blog! I'll create a list with all sites I'm member of and which seems to be honest and not (in my opinion). I hope you trust me and believe that I can make a nice list of small reviews! Just give me some time to finish the main "tempelate" of the new menu-page and start writing reviews and news!
Smile everybody! Summer is coming!! (At least at the half of the planet :p )
Stella!! :) :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Old - Trusted - Paying PTCs

This is a list of long time paying PTC sites, and when I say long time, I mean more than a year! I created this list because I got suck after all this new and promissing PTC sites!! So I searched and found sites that really worth and really paying. Recommended by people who have been using them long time now and who got paid from them. I also asked some things about them, search its' forums, blog, news e.t.c. so I can have many information about them and decide if I can trust them. Hope you like the list and use it to make money and recieve them!

BuxP - Online and paying for more than a year!
Opened: 26/05/08
$0.05 Sign Up Bonus!
$0.005 Per Click
$0.0025 Per Referral Click
$7.99 Cashout via PayPal and AlertPay!
Include Forum, Blog and Twitter!
Payment Proofs: Many in the forum!
Recommended to Join!

My Review: BuxP has been online and paying for more than a year. Eventhoug they do not pay instantly or in month but in 45 working days, they have many active members, and that's because they are honest. So you don't need to afraid the hight minimum of payment or the long time to recieve it. Everything you earn is your! But remember, to recieve your payment you need to have a veryfied account.

Opened: 28/11/2008
$0.01+ Per Click
$0.0025 Per Referral Click
$10.00 Cashout via PayPal and AlertPay!
Include Forum
Payment Proofs: In the Forum!
Recommended to Join

My Review: RowBux is not a famus site, because at first it had the script which big scam use.. Eventhough people didn't like it and didn't trust it, RowBux survived with its' own unique script and quality advertisters! The bad thing is that it has hight cashout, but that is not always bad.. RowBux is a paying site, so it doesn't really matter like you will get your money (in some hours after request)!


Paying since 2007!
$0.005-$0.01 Per Click
$0.005-$0.01 Per Referral Click
$12.50 Cashout via PayPal and AlertPay!
Include Forum and Chat
Payment Proofs: In the Forum!

My Review: Advertacash! Online since 2007 and still paying! You will wonder why is not such famous.. Is not famus because it has 3 to 6 ads per day and each worth $0.0015.. Why so low rates? Don't really know, it also had ads which worth $0.01 but once a week.. I like this site because it's trusted and I can get what I earn!

$0.003 Per Click
30% Referral Earnings
$5.00 Cashout via PayPal
Payment Proofs: My uplines' Payment Proof!
Join and Earn!

My Review: LinkGrand is an old PTC site and what is make it different is the unique visitors and the many ads. In LinkGrand you visit each site one time, not once a day, and that's very inportant for the advertisters! That's why it has many ads and each day are new ads!

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
Open since 2003!!
$0.005-$0.02 Per Click
$0.01 Per Referral Click
$10.00 Cashout via PayPal in 48hours
Has a Blog and Twitter
Payment Proofs:

My Review: Six years online PTC and still paying! The bad thing is that the cashout is $10.00 and is not easy to reach. But as I might said again, what is matter is that is paying! So I recommend you to join and start earning slowly but earn and recieve! Glad to know that WordLinx is growing and searching for new advertisters every day!


News, news and more news! I have news for MyPTCClicks, NoMinimumCashout and Bux-Matrix!
MyPTCClicks changed server and now is faster than before! Everything working fine, none of the data had lost, as the admin said "All accounts, balances, referrals, etc. are SAFE AND SOUND!" So relax and enjoy the site!
NoMinimumCashout.. Some bad news.. If you remember my pending payment.. From my post 11/04/09, it is pending from 10/04/2009!! I should recieve it in 30 days because is to PayPal. I contacted admin 4 days ago but I didn't get answer.. I'm afraid..
Bux-Matrix. I think this is the PTC which will replace NoMinimumCashout in my My PTC List.. Is a long time paying site amd very trusted! A dissadvantage is that is paying only via AlertPay.. But is paying and that what matters!
So many changes for my blog are comming this week! Hope you will be here to see it and tell me your opinion! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hello everybody :) Hope you are fine. You might noticed that I added the payments I promissed you (4th NeoBux, 1st X-bux, 5th Intoffers and 1st My PTC Clicks).
I also changed image hosting, some friends recommend it to me.. With ShareAPic you earning by sharing pictures. Every time someone view one of your pictures you earn $0.0002 so you earn $0.22 per 1000 picture views.. Not much but is something..
I'll soon add Aurora sites, MyPTCClicks is one of them.. I'll write somethings about them and how you can earn from them.. There are easy to use but have low earnings, more info in some days :)
Everything seems to working fine again..!
Stella :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hi! I missed writing at my blog! :) Hope everything were fine the days I was offline. I used an internet cafe but some days before I got my conection fixed! From now, I'll be here again! I answered all my e-mails, some pms from forums left. Some of my exchanges went inactive, and the false is mine.. But I couldn't contact them, I'll start clicking and sending pms today.

I have good some good news! Four payments recieved! Intoffers (I think I told that in my preview post :p )X-bux, NeoBux and My PTC Clicks (a site which I'll add soon :) )! I'm so happy :D Proofs will be added tomorrow!

So glad to be back again and continue earning online.
Best Wishes :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lockerz Gift List

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Here is the lasted Lockerz gift list I have :)

Last Update: 15/10/2009

  • Vespa 7,500
  • GCH Lockerz VIP Package 5,000
  • Flat Screen TV 3,000
  • MacBook Air, 13-inch, Aluminum 2,500
  • MacBook Pro 13" 1,500
  • MacBook 13-inch 1,000
  • Burton Snowboards 850
  • New iPod Touch 64GB 800
  • HP Mini 110-1025DX 800
  • Dell Inspiron Mini 10 inch Computer 750
  • New iPod Touch 32GB 700
  • PS2 Go 675
  • Game Systems (Xbox 360 Elite) 675
  • Game Systems (PS3 Game System Slim 120GB) 625
  • iPod Touch 32GB 600
  • Cameras 500
  • Apple TV 500
  • Time Capsule 500
  • Marc Jacobs Handbags 500
  • “Surprise Cool Gift”
  • Write A "Daily" Question 500
  • Beatles Rockband LTD 450
  • Apple Active Pack 450
  • New ipod Nano 16GB 425
  • Ripsticks 375
  • Beatles Rockband Value 375
  • DSI Game System 375
  • T3 Bespoke Labs Hair Dryer 350
  • Smart Parts Guns 325 - 450
  • Sunglasses 335
  • iHome Docking Station 325
  • iPod Touch 8GB 325
  • Portable DVD 300
  • Farouk Chi Ceramic Flat Irons 300
  • ipod Nano 8GB 300
  • Ruffian Scarves 300
  • iTunes Gift Card- Silhouette 250
  • X Box Microsoft Gift Cards 250
  • Wii Fitness with Board 250
  • Wii Fit 250
  • Wii - Sports Game Included 250
  • Razer eXactMat- Duo Precision Gaming Surface 150
  • Mobile Me 225
  • PSP Rock Band Bundle 200
  • Ratchet & Clank Bundle 200
  • Flip Video 200
  • iPod 4BG Shuffle 200
  • iPod Dock + Karaoke System 200
  • G Shock Watches 200
  • Amazon Gift Cards 125-500
  • SkullCandy Headphones 125-175
  • iPod 1 GB Shuffle 150
  • Hi-Lo Combination Converter/Transformer Kit 150
  • Orange Amps 125
  • Fredrick Fekkai Hair Products 85
  • Bare Minerals Make Up 85
  • House of Harlow Jewelry 85
  • Ruffian Books 85
  • Nail Polish Sets 75
  • Alex and Ani Jewelry 75
  • Gym Class Heroes Lockerz Tickets 75
  • Baggu Bags 50
  • Dylan's Candy Assorted Items 50
  • USB Ports 40
  • iPhone Skins 35
  • Lockerz Wall Paper 15
  • Demon's Souls Standard Edition PS3 100
  • UFC 2009 Undisputed - PS3 100
  • NBA 2K10 100
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - PS3 100
  • Grand Theft Auto IV - PS3 100
  • Guitar Hero Aerosmith - PS3 Game 100
  • Kill Zone 2 - PS3 100
  • Saw 3 - PS3 100
  • Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes PS3 100
  • Batman Arkham Asylum - PS3 100
  • Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Bundle - PS3 200
  • Madden NFL 2010 - PS3 100
  • Dirt 2 - PS3 100
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - PS3 100
  • Need for Speed Shift - PS3 100
  • NHL 2010 - PS3 100
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus PSP 100
  • KillZone: Liberation - PSP 100
  • Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories - PSP 100
  • Dirt 2 - PSP 100
  • Gran Turismo - PSP 100
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - PSP 100
  • Naruto Shippuden: Legends Akatsuki PSP 100
  • NBA 2K10 PSP 100
  • NBA 2010 PSP 100
  • Need for Speed Shift - PSP 100
  • Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes PSP 100
  • Final Fantasy: Dissidia - PSP 100
  • Madden NFL 2010 PSP 100
  • Grand Theft Auto IV - X360 100
  • Shaun White Snowboarding - X360 100
  • UFC 2009 Undisputed - X360 100
  • EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 4 - X360 100
  • Prototype - X360 100
  • NBA Live 2010 360 100
  • NBA 2K10 360 100
  • Call of Duty: World at War - X360 100
  • Batman Arkham Asylum - X360 100
  • Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Bundle - X360 200
  • Halo 3 ODST 100
  • Madden NFL 2010 - X360 100
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - X360 100
  • Need for Speed Shift - X360 100
  • NHL 2010 - X360 100
  • Saw - X360 100
  • Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes 360 100
  • New Super Mario Bros. - DS 100
  • Pok√©mon Platinum - DS 100
  • Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box - DS 100
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - DS 100
  • Scribblenauts - DS 100
  • Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes DS 100
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Destiny - DS 100
  • Mario & Sonic @ Olympic Games - DS 100
  • Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010 - Wii 100
  • Game Party 3 - Wii 100
  • Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Bundle - Wii 200
  • Madden NFL 2010 - Wii 100
  • Sports Resort with motion plus - Wii 100
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 - Wii 100
  • NBA 2K10 - Wii 100
  • NHL 2K10 - Wii 100
  • World of Warcraft - PC 100
  • Grand Theft Auto IV - PC 100
  • Hearts of Iron III - PC 100
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - PC 100

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Stella :)

LockerzZz!! - Invitesss!!

Thanks for trust me and ask an invication from me :)
I'll send it to you in less than 24 hours!!

Enjoy Lockerz :D

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Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi everybody! Hope you are fine. I have been offline for the weekend, because of my conection.. I have some problems and now I'm writing from an Interne-Cafe.. I'm sorry for that, but I'm happy too for seeing that I have new coments and a new follower! Thank you so much for this! :)

I have to announce some things..:

1. Anyone who contacted me, via the e-mail me form, (the one I use in my blog) from 3th to 6th of the month, please send me your e-mails again, because the feature I use so you can send me e-mails had some problems..

2. X-bux payment did not recieve yet (should recived in 9th of the month..) I opened a support ticket and I'm waiting for an answer..

3. Something to make you little happy: Another Intoffers Payment Recieved!! At the time I cannot upload my payment proof, but as soon as I have my connection back, I promisse, I'll fix everything.

4. As I said I have problems and I cannot be online for a long time.. So I might not clicking at my exchanges.. Feel free to do the same till I'll be back.. :)

Hope you understand me.. As soon as my connection is ok, I'll inform you :)
Stella :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hi! X-bux payment did not recieve yet.. Forum does not open, I do not know what is happening, eventhough my payment should be send at least at 09/05/2009 (10 days after request). So we can have a hope! :) Admin is active and trying to improve the site. Hope to see the forum up soon!
PalmBux news! PayPal is instant again! Enjoy it! Now PalmBux has three admins (there were tow), that's good because more admins means more people who care and try there best for the site! You should join PalmBux as soon as possible and start earning.
NeoBux recently selebrate it's first birthday! (1st May) NeoBux is now one year old and everything seems to be good! Admin visit site and forum every day and help everyone. So if you are not a member of NeoBux yet, think about it and give it a try ;) .
Find payment proofs of that sites at PTC Page!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


New Month! New experiences and new things are waiting!
I have news! Payments at X-bux for Intermediate, Advanced Clicker and Professional Clicker are instant, for Beginner and Casual Clicker are made in 10 days, that's why I did not recieve the payment instantly (I'm Casual Clicker).
So I decieded to post my PamBux Payment now. :)
Payment recieved instantly like the first: Find Proof Here!

I'm so happy that my blog is growing day by day and people enjoy it and are part of it, I love to seeing comments and suggestions for my blog, I'm glad to recieving e-mails from my readers telling they like my blog, they want to see it improving and stay alive. Thank you for encourage me and trust me, I promise not to dissapoint you!
Stella :)

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello People!
Here are all my exchanges, sites/blogs I like and more :)
If you are the owner of a site, feel free to contact to add your site on my list.

>Your link here
If you want to add your link here, just mail me for a deal ;)

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