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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Matrix Mails PTC of the Year!!

Hello everyone!

Is the first time I am writing about this PTC Site eventhough I read only good comments about it and I am using it for long time.. I haven't been paid by them yet, but I am reaching the cashout soon!! :)

MatrixMails has been online since 2002 and paying members for visiting sites, reading e-mails and writing reviews. Writing reviews has stopped because of the lot of spam and copy-paste by the users. Reading e-mails and visiting sites are working great helping people earn fast and easy.

Basic Stats:
  • Online since 2002
  • Daily new ads for everyone
  • Supporting PayPal and AlertPay
  • Low $2.00 cashout
  • Payments in mostly 10 days
  • $0.005 per click
  • $0.01 per e-mail

So why is MatrixMails the PTC of the year?? is a site rewarding online paid to programs accorting to their online duration and of curse if they are paying. Every year there is a TOP site which is rewarder witht the verify from as site of the year! The program is choosed by peoples' votes From a total of 8358 votes, MatrixMails got the most votes (3003)!! So the banner belong to them as well as the love of the members who voted for it!!

Complete List with the 25 sites which was on the vote poll can be found here

MatrixMails - Get paid

MatrixMails was verified by for many years, but this year was special as it became the NUMBER ONE from the users, something which makes MatrixMails owner be proud of his site, so he is getting ready to reward members for their love to his site by creating another site, which will be also a trusted and paying one!!
Let's see what the new site will have and why he choosed to create a new one than improving MatrixMails.

Admin said that the new PTC site has been developed since the start of 2009 by he and his team. New script was written based on the new ways of earning and that's propably why they haven't did any changes on MatrixMails, because MatrixMails is a site created in 2002. Since then thing have changed and is difficult to change MatrixMails too, which is using a script written years ago.

So what different will the new PTC site have??
  • Instant Payments!! (MatrixMails is paying 4th-5th, 14th-15th and 24th-25th of each month)
  • More information about our referrals (on MatrixMails system only the username and the total earnings are shown)
  • Renting/Buing referrals (MatrixMails is not supporting this)
  • More features for upgraded members
  • New memberships!!
As you can see the new features are nowadays something all PTC Sites are having. But none of the PTC Sites which have those features can be trusted, on the other hand, MatrixMails admin prooved that he is a honest person, so get ready for a PTC Site which will be online for long time as well as MatrixMails too!!

MatrixMails - Get paid

If you are not a member of MatrixMails yet, is a must for you to join and start earning money which you will recive and not only see them on your balance or pending list.

Good Luck,

Friday, February 5, 2010

TOP 25 PTCs for 2009

Based on poll results, TOP 25 PTC Sites for 2009 are those shown below, shorted from the most votes to the less. Total Votes: 8358.

Sites without link are open for your referral links, the only thing you have to do is send me your referral link by clicking Contact Me. :)

The final results of the vote were as follows:
  • 1. MatrixMails 35.93% (3003)
  • 2. AdPaid 28.83% (2410)
  • 3. FusionMails 10.46% (874)
  • 4. CupidCash 6.32% (528)
  • 5. GPTCashCow 6.28% (525)
  • 6. 1CentMail 2.99% (250)
  • 7. JaguarCash 1.53% (128)
  • 8. WhistleStop-Cafe 1.08% (90)
  • 9. TesasTeaMails 0.87% (73)
  • 10. FirecrackerEmail 0.67% (56)
  • 11. SunnySideCash 0.67% (56)
  • 12. E-Qoo2 0.57% (48)
  • 13. AllMyMoneyForYou 0.56% (47)
  • 14. Surveys-R-Us 0.45% (38)
  • 15. WePaid 0.37% (31)
  • 16. AnythingFree4You 0.35% (29)
  • 17. FireHouseOffers 0.35% (29)
  • 18. TheDollarPit 0.35% (29)
  • 19. MentalEmails 0.34% (28)
  • 20. RuReady4Money 0.28% (23)
  • 21. My-PTR 0.22% (18)
  • 22. OurPTR2 0.19% (16)
  • 23. PTRCommunity 0.14% (12)
  • 24. MoneyAndHits 0.12% (10)
  • 25. LighthouseGPT 0.08% (7)

Full article from can be found here.

Stella :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

microWorkers Payment recieved!!

Hello fellow online earners :)
Hope this month will be one of the best for you.

I have great news for all of you! January 28 I recieved my first payment from microWorkers!! As I told many times, microWorkers is a great GPT site for international online earners. Some basic information about the site is:
  • Profitable for iternational earners too
  • Unique site created from Zero
  • Has many new jobs everyday
  • Has the most secure system

More information can by found on GPT Page and Here :)

And Now The Payment Proof!!

Eventhought in the FAQ is written that payments are done in 30 net days, my payment recieved a week after the PIN was added to my account!!

I strongly recommend this site to anyone who wants to earn online easy, fast, without investment, without the need of referrals, whithout daily activity, without time-tables and working hours.

microWorkers is the best GPT site which has been online the last year and keep on going!! Don't miss this opportunity to earn easy and fresh money!
microWorkers international GPT site

Have a nice month,
Stella :)

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