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Sunday, March 15, 2009

PTC (Paid To Click) Sites

TC sites pay you to click ads. You earn $0.01 for every ad you click.
Basicaly you get paid to view advertaisment of this sites, they get paid for every click you make and you get paid too. Earnigs are not much because most of this site have no many ads to click. To make more profit you need to have referrals. Referrals are people who joined one of this sites using your referral link, you earn from them when tey click an ad. That means to make a good profit you need to have many referrals but where you can find them? Take a look at Referrals.

Here are some PTC site wich I recomend you to join. I'm going to update them and add payment proofs as soon as I learn something new or recieve a payment.

The best PTC site is NeoBux, you must join it.

neobux, best ptc, earning per click
$0.01 per click
$0.005 per refclick
$2.00 first cashout, second $3.00 and so on till $10.00
Instantly Payments via PayPal and AlertPay
Active forum - Updates and news every day
Payment Proofs:1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Join Here
My offer for NeoBux
Take a look at My offers/Exchanges

A new PTC which working fine is PalmBux

palmbux,$2.00 cashout
$0.001 - $0.008 per click
$0.001 - $0.005 per refclick
$2.00 first $4.00 second $6.00 third $8.00 fourth cashout and again $2.00...
Instantly Payments via PayPal and AlertPay
Active forum where you can ask for help and get answer fast
Payment Proofs: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Join Here

Bux-Matrix! - Long Time Paying PTC, trusted site, recommended for upgrade
$0.005 per click
$0.0025 per refclick
$2.00 cashout
Payments via AlertPay
Inclute active forum and active team!!
Payment Proofs: 1st 2nd
Join Here


Saket said...

Hello stella, I am Saket from EMS. You have a nice blog. Everything looks clean and clear. Keep up the good work.

stella12 said...

Thank you Saket!
Glad you like my blog :)

boredg said...

Nice site you should try shortbux I have recived 2 instant payments. :)

stella12 said...

Hi boredg,
Congarts for your payments!
I use shortbux too, but I do not have it to my list because I heard some "bad" comments about it..

Anonymous said...

Really good blog, i like news. Nice paying PTC-s too.

stella12 said...

Thank you Raints! Your blogs are good too. I liked your post about how to avoid scam PTC sites.
Good Luck ;)

zyakka said...

visit this site

stella12 said...

Hello zyakka,
nice page is little messy..

Happy Earnings!!
Stella :D said...

Nice list Stella Keep this good work and help others

stella12 said...

Thank you!!
I'll do my best :D ;)

qiwoman said...

Great Blog Stella I will visit again tomorrowin the mornign very tired now. I am qiwoman from EFT forum..Blessings..

stella12 said...

Hello qiwoman, glad to see you here :)
EFT is fantasic forum, I'll post about it soon.
Hope to see your new blog live soon

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Kuldeep said...

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