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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 in 2009

So here is the end of 2009...
For me it wasn't the best year, but it was quit well :) Before saying a good bey, I would like to post the TOP 10 2009 in GPT WORLD! So let's start counting!!

1.AlertPay supports VisasAlertPay a big payment processor has created the feature of adding credit card to your account!

2.Lockerz - Freebie SiteLockerz created! The biggest Freebie site ever, with very simple ways to earn, people loved it!

3.Gen3 going to ancouncment that GEN4 is on the way to be created!!

4.MicroWorkers - Legit GPT SiteMicroWorkers! The new GPT site which still growing, made a mess when it opened! It is unique and full of life! The new PTC ScriptBuxHost Script! A new PTC script which is becoming more and more famus day by day, making Gen3 falling and trying to improve.

6.NeoBux - Trusted PTC siteNeoBux became one year old!!That was a big event mainly in PTC world, and NeoBux became so famus and people teusted it. - Scam site!! After people trusted this site and start investing, admin stopped paing, a big loose for many online earners..

8.OnisGroup - Scam HYIPOnisGroup a long time paying HYIP dissapear and scammed thousand of people.

9.Clix 'n' Cash - Scam PTC SiteClix'n'Cash. A trusted PTC site sold and the new admin just damage it...

10.PTC Talk - Nice forumPtcTalk. The famus forum closed twice in one year... We hope to have it back soon...

Happy New Year!!
Happy 2010!!
Stella12 ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Christmas!!

Yesterday was Christmas day and many of us celebrate it with friends and family.
Many PTCs would like to celebrate with us too and here are what they offer :)

Gess who?? NeoBux has a big competition! Get referrals for your purchases! This competition will be running till the last day of the year, here is some info and rulse you need to know: Christmas in NeoBux!

PalmBux is double celebrating! V3 and Christams, so here is what it is offering: 10% discount on all memberships except premium which is $70.(will be $80 after the discount). This is ending at the 1st of January, so hurry up!

InceaseBux has also its' special offers! Buy something and get something for free! Till the end of the year you can buy and get for free what best fits for you!More Info Here.

UpBux is also in the club of celebrations. It has 5% discount in many many purchases which you can but and get benefit. It is also running a Games Competition. Win by playing games! That sounds very good :) Read Here.

I wrote only for sites which I think it worth to invest to, of curse many other sites are offering special discounts, contests e.t.c. but this 4 sites seems to me more trusted than other.

Enjoy the offers to make some more money using this PTCs :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

I'm Back :)

Hello friends,

I haven't posted to my blog for long time... I was tired with PTC sites and I was searching for other ways to make money online... I have found some interesting things and I'm ready to share them with you :)

Some things which you will read to my blog in the near future:
  • HYIP sites
  • Paid to post sites
  • Only legit PTCs
My goal is making $100 monthly online, and I'm ready to reach it and make a new one!! :D
I know that needs time, so I set maximum 3 hours daily online. In this time, I'll be clicking some PTCs, doing posts, finding sites to invest to, do paid sign ups.

If you follow my plan you can also make $100 monthly, that's not big amount, but is a good start, in the futere it will increase!! :D

Happy Earnings friends :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alexa Is Paying!!

Second Payment received from The Free Improve Alexa Ranking System And Free Traffic Exchange System!!


Learn more about The Free Improve Alexa Ranking System And Free Traffic Exchange System and how to earn using it here.

Enjoy this site, since here you can earn while doing nothing!! :D :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

AlertPay News!! - Credit Cards!!

Hello fellow online earners ;)

I have learned something about AlertPay and I thought it would be good to share it with you ;)

AlertPay has added some new features which I found very useful and important to know :D
Now members can cashout to a Visa or a MasterCard (not American Express) automatically!! Available currencies to cashout are USD, GBP and EURO and minimus is 250 USD, 150 GBP or 170 EURO. You can use Credit Card service to exchange currency between this trhee currencies USD, GBP and EURO.

AlertPay has added a security method to prodect shoppers, when you will make a payment using a Credit Card, a validation code will be sent to your mobile phone, which you have to enter at checkout to complete the purchase ;)

Also fees for credi card payments are lower than the others, from 5.0% to 4.9%.

Full Information at AlertPay's Blog.

I believe this is a big step for AlertPay and many users will be benefit from this :)
Enjoy the new features and AlerPay promissed for more!!
Stella :D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Earning While doing Nothing, Is It True??

Hello everybody, hope you are ok, long time to post.. Sorry, I'm a bit bussy.. :-/
I have found a site which pays you for doing nothig!! :D Sounds impossible, yes for me too, but after recieving a payment from them, I changed idea ;)

I'm talking for The Free Improve Alexa Ranking System And Free Traffic Exchange System
If you have never heard of it, here is a small intrudaction and basics to start earn with it!
As the link says this is site can help you improve your alexa raking and exchange traffic for free, but it also offer money for surfing basically autosurfing!! Really exciting isn't it??

What do you have to do to earn:
1. Join --> This is my referral link, hope you have no problem with this.
2. Log in to your account
3. Click "Surf Now", second link from the left
4. Click "Start Make Point" button, a new window/tab will open.
Just let the site surfing alone, there are no pop ups, vairouses or music !! :D

How much you will earn per hour?
You will surf 60 minutes that's 30 points. 100 minutes 50 points e.t.c.
You can surf 24 hours a day, no limits!
1000 points is 2 cents.
You can cahout at 10 cents, that's 5000 points.
Payouts via PayPal in 48 hours.

Payment Proofs: 1st 2nd

Enjoy Free and Easy Earning!! :D
The Free Improve Alexa Ranking System And Free Traffic Exchange System

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hello everyone! Hope you are ok :)

There are some days now I use Lockerz, is site where yo earn points called PTZ and you can use them to get gifts.
Earning PTZ is very easy for now, you only need to log in and earn 2PTZ and answer a question to earn another 2PTZ! Total 4PTZ daily.

You might wondering what kind of questions will you answer. Lockerz is not asking personal questions. Some of the questions I members were asked to answer till now are:
Email or Texting?
Do you wear fur?
Which is your favorite charity?
I believe that questions like this are easy to answer and do not need any knowledge.. :)
Here is another question:


I think is important to know some of the gifts you can find there, so I paste the list Lockerz sent me (15/10/2009) here.
Would you like to have an Ipdo Touch? You can have when you collect 600PTZ, or a simple Ipod for only 100PTZ!!

Lockerz Team is talking for a communitie! Lockerz is a site which will grow and there will be added many other ways to earn PTZ Daily!

To be a member of Lockerz you need to be invited first, so I created a form where you can request an invication from me. That means you will be my referral, hope you are ok with this :)

So what are referrals really do? When you reach 20 referrals, you become a ZET-Lister! When you are a ZET-Lister, the PTZ you earn daily will be double!! Plus you will get 2PTZ per referral!
Exciting?? I think yes! So join now and start referring!! :D

Ask an Invite Here:

Your Name
Your Email Address
Image Verification
Please enter the text from the image:
[ Refresh Image ] [ What's This? ]

Lockerz will soon launch!! More info will be posted!!
Stay turned,
Stella :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Microworkers Growing and Growing!!

Hello fellow online money makers..

Long time to post here.. Sorry about this I was on the way to give up all this because I was so dissapointed from all this scams..
Finally I decided to continue making a small profit online with only long time paying sites.. That's more safe and fun! Believe me!!

As you might noticed I posted a Top 10 PTC List.. I tried to put only paying sites.. Hope you find it helpful and legit ;)

To our subject now!
I have been using MicroWorkers some months now and I found it very cool, easy to use and fast earning site!
Do you have 3 minuts?? You have 10cents! So easy!! Many 3minutes jobs for everyone! Need more? Work a bit more! 10minutes jobs 50 or more cents!!

I recommend it for everyone, new jobs every day! More earnings every day!
You can find more information in GPT Page.

See you soon,
Stella :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Top 10 PTCs

Top 10 PTCs

$0.01 Per Click - $0.005 Per RefClick - $2.00 Instant Cshout via PayPal and AlertPay

$0.009+ Per Click - $0.0025 Per RefClick - $10.00 Cshout via PayPal and AlertPay in 24h

$0.005 Per Click - $0.0025 Per RefClick - $2.00 Cshout via AlertPay in 24h

$0.005 Per Click - $0.0025 Per RefClick - $10.00 Cshout via PayPal in 24h

$0.005 Per Click - $0.0025 Per RefClick - $7.99 Cshout via PayPal in 45days

6.WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
$0.01 Per Click - $0.005 Per RefClick - $10.00 Cshout via PayPal in 24h

$0.01 Per Click - $0.005 Per RefClick - $10.00 Cshout via Check
$0.003 Per Click - 30% Per RefClick - $5.00 Cshout via PayPal in 24h

$0.007 Per Click - $0.005 Per RefClick - $2.00 Cshout via PayPal and AlertPay in 45 days

$0.008 Per Click - $0.008 Per RefClick - $2.00 Cshout via PayPal and AlertPay instantly!!

This is my Top 10 PTCs. There are not listed from 'the best to the worst', I just did the list because I think these sites worth and will be online for long time. All of them are at lest (or reaching soon) one year old and still paying since today (03/10/2009). Enjoy and start earning!!

Stella :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hello!! :)

Hello everybody!!

I'm sorry for not updating my blog for so long time..
I'm not using so much PTCs anymore and I'm not learning many news so I can create a new post..

So I decided to creat a post every month and update it daily with everything new I learn.. I'll start from today and I'll target that posts on Daily PTC News tab.

You can find news on My Twitter Page. I update it as soon as I learn something :)

I have created a TOP 10 PTC List and I'll publish it tomorrow. It list sites which are more than (or soon reaching) one year online!! I'm also trying to create a list with sites whit low cashout (less than $0.50) to earn some fast money ;)

More information coming!!
Stay turned.
Stella :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Little late, but some news are here :)

BuxWiz: Site will change owner.. [More Info]

TuiBux: New admin posted on the forum!! Read Here

BuxYou: Site is down

Happy Earings!!

Site Of The Week:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

3/09/2009 News

Hello, some news for today :)

RowBux: Site is down for maintenance.

TrekPay: Payouts are done once again.

SvBux: Referrals Jackpot added [More Info]

SwannBux: Standar members have to post payment proof on the forum or their accounts will be deleted

WordLinx: Site updated the security of the ads page

Happy Earings!!

Site Of The Week:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

01/09/2009 News

Hello everybody!! Αutumn is here!! News too ;) Admin said that payouts will stop for a week because of cheaters.. [More Info]

BuxYou: Site is not answering to the forums, many people are waiting their payments for long time..

Mom n Pops' PTC: Site has some problems with cashouts..

Have a nice Month!
Site Of The Week:

Monday, August 31, 2009

31/08/2009 News

Hello!! News are here.

PalmBux: Site is back [More Info]

AdverCash: Was down now up again

BuxWiz: New prices for standar rentals and some upgrade offers here ;)

LinkGrand: Site is running a clicking contest!!

See you tomorrow,
Site Of The Week:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

30/08/2009 Newsss

Hello, here are todays' news.. :

LGClix: Site has a new desing

TuiBux: Site is now working as before but cashouts are not avilable..

bpBux: Site is 41% done for V.2!!!

Bux-Now: Site is down

AmirBux: Site has a new contest!!! [More Info]

PalmBux: Site was down, then back and was slow now down again..

Recieve them earlier at Twitter!!
Stella :)

Site Of The Week:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Follow me on Twetter!! ;)

Hello friends,
Since Twitter has become so famous, I decided to create my account and post there (and here) PTC News!!
I think is an easy way to keep you updated about everything I learn! I'll post instantly when I learn something and not at the end of they day as I do with my blog!
I hope you like it ;D

Some payments..!!!

PalmBux 5th!! -->

 1st, 2nd and 3rd -->

Clicksia 4th -->

Don't forget to Follow me :)
Stella :D

29/08/2009 News

Todays' News here and on Twitter :)

bpBux: Site still offline..

YooBux: New site in Prelaunch

TuiBux: Sold and now under maintenance

AmirBux: Admin deleted all ceaters ad hackers.

BuxYou: Site has special upgrades till Spt. 1st.. Hurry Up!!

Happy Earnings!!

Site Of The Week:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

27/08/2009 News

Hapy Reading :)

BuxWiz: Site was down again.. Now up :)

bpBux: Site still offline for many days..

BeautyBux: Forum is not working..

BeachBux: I think site is gone.. Forum is full of spam..

SvBux: If you have problems with your account post it here, it's because of an update..

Happy Earnings!!

Site Of The Week:

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