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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

17th March News

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EasyHits4U: For this week every banner impresion you pershase will be doubbled!!

Sunrise-Bux: New games and investment program are comming!! Stay tuned!!

MyFreeShares: Payouts are done again!! :D :D

Moonlightfairy: Site is running a Traffic Exchange contest only for FREE MEMBERS!! - Interesting...

DealBarbiePays: Admin is asking to vote for the jackpot drawing --> Vote Here

Site of the Week:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

14th March News

---Sites without referral link are open for you to request your referral link to be added--- Just Send me an e-mail

SquishyCash: Site has a special promotion, every casino chip you earn by completing offers will be dubbled.

iwantoworkathome: Site has many many new offers for members to do and earn.

FreebiesJuction: Site has a Promo Code Hunt, means that you can find hidden promo codes on the site and use them to get gifts.

copsanddonutsptc: Payments are stopping till 18th of March

Bowling for Cash: PTC Section is now refreshed every 24hours

JillsClickcorner: A competition is running!! You can will too!! Prize from $0.10 to $100!!!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10th March News

March 10 News :) :)

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MayanBux: Admiin has posted some news, seems to be organized --> Read full news

ValePTR: Site will be down for a little

FireHouseOffers: Admin has added many more offers for memmbers to do and is working tog et even more!

GPTOffers: New offers has just been added today! Complete and earn fast money to your PayPal or LibertyResrve

First5clicks: After the payment problems admin added a pool, reset balnces or turn only into an ad serving site or sharing profti... Site will probably stop paying for ever..

RevBux,, Thumbbux,, and IronBux: All turned into scams...

Site of the Week:

Monday, March 8, 2010

8th March News

WhiteTigerEamils: Site has lower the minimu amount of e-mails to be read in order to win $2.00 from 2500 to 1250 monthly.

PandaBearEmails: Birthday word competition has ended and the winner was cretided with $!.00, however, the random reward prizes still running for people to win!!

SweBux: Site has only 3 ads daily and require 4 in order to get referral commisions...

DinBux: Site is offline, updating script...

PTCTalk: A referral contest is running for March!! --> More Info

GPT Club: Admin is searching for advertisters.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

News are coming back!!

Hello everyone,

I haven't post for long time, I know is not good but I didn't have the time to... Because of this I decided to do small news post daily than trying to find some sites which I think are good to review. I will be posting reviews, but not many times a month..

Hope you can understand me :)

I have found some surces from where I am getting information and news about PTC sites (blogs, forums, social sites etc) I will try to collect as many news as I can to share with you. In the same time I will be posting news about other sites too, like HYIPs, GPTs, PTPs etc. I will also try to attach as many payment prooves as I can.

Hope this will help everyone,

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