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Monday, August 31, 2009

31/08/2009 News

Hello!! News are here.

PalmBux: Site is back [More Info]

AdverCash: Was down now up again

BuxWiz: New prices for standar rentals and some upgrade offers here ;)

LinkGrand: Site is running a clicking contest!!

See you tomorrow,
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

30/08/2009 Newsss

Hello, here are todays' news.. :

LGClix: Site has a new desing

TuiBux: Site is now working as before but cashouts are not avilable..

bpBux: Site is 41% done for V.2!!!

Bux-Now: Site is down

AmirBux: Site has a new contest!!! [More Info]

PalmBux: Site was down, then back and was slow now down again..

Recieve them earlier at Twitter!!
Stella :)

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Follow me on Twetter!! ;)

Hello friends,
Since Twitter has become so famous, I decided to create my account and post there (and here) PTC News!!
I think is an easy way to keep you updated about everything I learn! I'll post instantly when I learn something and not at the end of they day as I do with my blog!
I hope you like it ;D

Some payments..!!!

PalmBux 5th!! -->

 1st, 2nd and 3rd -->

Clicksia 4th -->

Don't forget to Follow me :)
Stella :D

29/08/2009 News

Todays' News here and on Twitter :)

bpBux: Site still offline..

YooBux: New site in Prelaunch

TuiBux: Sold and now under maintenance

AmirBux: Admin deleted all ceaters ad hackers.

BuxYou: Site has special upgrades till Spt. 1st.. Hurry Up!!

Happy Earnings!!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

27/08/2009 News

Hapy Reading :)

BuxWiz: Site was down again.. Now up :)

bpBux: Site still offline for many days..

BeautyBux: Forum is not working..

BeachBux: I think site is gone.. Forum is full of spam..

SvBux: If you have problems with your account post it here, it's because of an update..

Happy Earnings!!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


SOmethings I found out today..

bpBux: Still offline..

AmirBux: Site is searching for Moderators.. [More Info]

StableBux: Site has adde Jackpot feature!! [More Info]

DingoBux: Site is back with different desing..

Keep Smiling!! :) (:

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25/08/2009 News

Some news for today..

bpBux: Site still offline, it will open soon..

Bux-Now: 24h left till reset.. [More Info]

Bux36: Rental rates has changed.. [More Info]

SwannBux: Site might close.. [More Info]

More news soon,

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Gen4 is Coming!!

Nowadays monst PTC owners are using Gen3 script to create their PTC site.
Some well known scams are using Gen3 script but some long live and paying sites too..
Some of them are:
And much more I'm sure you joined many ;)

Now Gen3 is upgrading to Gen4!! So what more will Gen4 have??

Gen4 will have a better desing, more friendly and beautiful from members area are till forum and jsckpots!
It will be more secure, as owner wrote, members and admins will can set which IPs can access their account or admin area, something which I think is very good for both PTC owners and of curse mebers which is the biggest part of a PTC. It will also have PIN and secondary password.

Ads are redone and anticheat srcipt has been added. Advertisters can have full report for their ads, how many clicks, from which counties and many more features.
Renting/Buying referrals has also changed!! Members exept of packets, they will can choose how many referrals to rent/buy!! Admin will can set time for rent.

Admins will can create and name as many jackpots as they want!
Members will have a signature in the forums.
Virtual keyboard has been added to login page.

This are some of the new features which Gen4 will have..
More information can be found here.

Let's wish for better PTC owners after a better PTC script!! :D

24/08/2009 News

More and More News Every Day!! :D :D

ShortBux: After I request my first payment, I cannot log in...

bpBux: Site still offline and is wrting for TONS of new feauters..

AmirBux: Hacker attacked some accounts. [More Info]

NeoBux: Admin needs suggestions... [More Info] + some news about NETELLER here.

Bux-Now: Balance will be reset and some more "bad" news here

BuxWiz: Referral clicks rates lowed [More Info]

Happy Earnings!!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

23/08/2009 News!!

Hello everybody, thanks for visitng my blog :) You can Vote For It! :) :D

Sorry for no-news yesterday.. I have Todays' News Here!!

TuiBux: Site had a big bug with rented referrals, members could rent, renew their rebted referrals for free, so admin increase the prices! [More Info]

bpBux: Site is currently under construction and will be back with a big surprise, as written to the ancouncement..

BuxYou: From the forum: "Starting with 1st Sept 2009 Silver upgrade won't be available anymore." [More Info]

Bux-Now: Site has no ads some days now..

IncreaseBux: Site has BirthDay Cintest!! [More Info]

PalmBux: Alex, one of the admins will be n vacations. [More Info]

Vote For My Blog to keep it alive ;)

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Friday, August 21, 2009

21/08/2009 News

Fresh News! :D

CloudBux: You have to post payment proof after recieving payment or you will be banned. [MoreInfo] Also something for Chinies Members Read Here

SwannBux: Non-activated accounts will be deleted.

TuiBux: Admin said that if you use your profile to advertise, you will not be able to use their profile/chat/messaging/forum. [More Info]

ScopeBux: If you are ultimated and cashout more than $15 you will not be able to earn for the next 30-60 minutes. [More Info]

Happy Earnings!!
Stella :D

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

20/08/2009 News

Todays' News!!

BeachBux: Admin said that the instant cashout will be implemented soon..

MIC-Promotion: Sites' Forum has a new tempelate

CloudBux and IncraseBux: Sites have now SSL, now are more secure ;)

bpBux: Site has now new memberships and rent referrals available.

QualityBux: Cashouts are available again!!

NeoBux: Admin inform about a PayPal delay, everything is under control ;) [More Info]

Happy Earnings!! :D

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bux-Now for Sale!!

Hello friends!! I'm bag but not for long time.. I think I'll be offline again after some days.. :-/
I have some news..

Bux-Now is for sale.. Admin said that he cannot manage it as is growing very fast.. He is selling it for $300.00.. We just need to wait and see if the new owner will be honest.

Jaysu is for sale too!! "Jaysu has been closed down due to team member leaving all responsiblities to us, so the site will be sold. Any serious inquiry for site purchase may contact us at"..

MIC-Promotion has a new admin!! Now its team is bigger and stronger! Admin said that there will be many changes! I think it can success!!

MIC-Promotion is recommended :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

19/08/2009 News

News are back!!
Happy Reading :)

CloudBux: Site has some problems after server moving.

Bux-Now and Jaysu: Sites are for sale...

MIC-Promotion: Site is offline, it sold to another owner.. Let's hope for the best :)

IncreaseBux and BuxNew: Sites are down..

TuiBux: Site has Graph and Server Updates [More Info]

More News Tomorrow..
Stella :D

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Friday, August 7, 2009

RowBux Ads are Back!

Today RowBux had many ads as before!! More than 10 ads like when it was new with not many members!! I'm so glad to see "old" RowBux come back!
I reached my first cashout there almost alone by clicking 10-15 ads daily till I reached $10.00.

I was member from the start of the site when owner used a clone script..
A friend recommended to me and I was little suspicious because it was a clone of script and I didn't trusted it at all..
Then RowBux owner created a script and desing for his site and now it looks more professional and more beaytiful.

Now this friend recommended me another site.

Is a site using GEN3 Script, can I be suspicious? I think yes but I'll try it since the previews site which recommended by him it is great!

This site has 8 ads daily for free members and 10seconds timer.
Offer $0.01 per click, $0.005 per referral click and $1.00 cashout instantly via AlertPay and manually via PayPal. I think is good :)

I don't know if this site will stay online for long, but I think it will be good to try it ;) Bux-Now.
Also if you are not member of RowBux yet, I think you should Join! :)

Keep Clicking and Smiling!! :) :)

P.S.: I'm travelling for a ~week and I might don't have interenet access.. So news may stop for some days.. I'll start posting after I get back. :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

06/08/2009 News

News once again!

TuiBux: JackPots are ready!! [More Info]

QualityBux: Tomorrow opening with many new features as written at the e-mail which was sent to the members.

CloudBux: Site Launched!

MIC-Promtion: Forum is down: "Performing maintenance tasks. We will be back in 24 hours." - No need to worry :)

ValueBux: Payments are not available..

Happy Earnings!!
Stella :)

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

04/08/2009 News

Todays' News!! :D

CloudBux: Finally the site is down because of launch

TuiBux: Site has "days between cashouts limit" for Standars and Tuiters 5 days and for Premiums 4 days. [More Info]

StableBux: Site is moving to a new server.

FirstFivePTC: Site has a special offer for only 48h. "Buy 1 month memberhsip and recive 1 month free!
Buy 1 week membership and recive 1 week free!
Buy Lifetime membership and recive 4$ in your account!"

Cash-Harvest: Site has now over 30,000 members and offer Discount 30% for all purchases until 31,000 users!!

TrekPay: Site has done the payouts once again! :D

More news coming!!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

04/08/2009 News

Hello PTC Earners!!
Some news for you :)

PalmBux: Site has changed the login page and now is look much better ;) It also has a secondary password and virtual keyboard. Site has also added Payout PIN. [More Info]

CloudBux: Site is offline. Site is offline.. More Info at 21/07/2009 News.

ClixSense: New feature for Premium Members: Premiums will recieve 10% of the clix of their Premium Referrals. Now you can Upgrade eith your balance. Site has now a Twitter Account! More Info in the e-mail which sent to the members!

TuiBux: Site has updated the renting referral system and now members will rent referrals with avg. at least 2.0!! [More Info]

TurquADs: Site has a new domain from .com to .net

AmirBux: Site has a Promotion contest!! [More Info]

Todays' more news was good news :D Let's hope for more Good News!! :D
Stella :)

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Monday, August 3, 2009

03/08/2009 News

Have yo seen the new PTC Sites??

Here are the news :D

TuiBux: Site is using AlertPay again!

AmirBux: Site is Online again!!

BeachBux: Site is selling 1000 VIP Memberships $6 for a year. [More Info]

Bux36: Site has change the 1st payout limit to $2.

See you tomorrow :)

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

PTC Page Updated!!


Today I updated my PTC List!!
I removed Jaysu and ValueBux since Jaysu is offline without reason and ValueBux is in a mess..

I added MIC-Promotioand ScopeBux, tow sites which are online for some months but doing very good and have honest admins (at least till now :P ).

I was supriced when I was trying to open Jaysu and I couldn't. I though that this site would be online for more.. You know unique script desing e.t.c.. Reminds me of

AmirBux is also down and I don't know why.. I can see CentOS website which was shown at PalmBux when it was upgading servers.. Hope is something simillar :) AmirBux is also online and paying for some months and I think it will not dessapear now, after a hard work from its' owners.. ;)

Keep Smiling!! :) :D :) ;)

02/08/2009 News

Todays' News are Here!!

BuxWiz: Site has now 3, 5, 10 and 25 and 50 referral packages for "Magicians" only.

CoinCLickXSalary and HKBuzz: Sites have changed desing agian :)

Amirbux: Site is offline!! Site is down

PROMails.Org: From The Help: "You may request payment after you have earned $10,000.00."

Subscripe or Follow to recieve news inatantly to your e-mail/blogger account :D
Stella :)

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

01/08/2009 News

Hello!! New month today!! Would like to wish to everyoney have a nice month full of earnings!! :P :)

Jaysu and ValueBux: Sites are down.

AdverCash: Site is for sale. More info at the right colum of the site.

Bux-Service: "500/700/1000 Referral set booking ends tomorrow.... " So if you want to book some referrals do it soon!! How to do it? Read Here ;)

TheClickers: Site has a new membership!! Omega Membership! Read Here for all the info and advandages of the membership!

ShortBux: Site is 8 months old and it has 50% Discount Promotion till today! Harry Up!! (Little Late.. I was offline.. :-/ )

NeoBux: Site has a special offer for second time Golden Members!! [More Info]

WordLinx: Now upgraded members will recieve $5.00 for each upgraded referral!! [More Info].

More news coming!!
Stella :)

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