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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Last day of April.. May is coming and my sisters birthday!
I did not posted payment proofs I promised you.. I recieved only from PalmBux, X-bux still pending and I do not know why.. If I do not recieve tomorrow I'll open a support ticket.. I did not post PalmBux Payment, because I wanted to post them together.. Hopefully tomorrow I'll add them.

Some news about PTC Talk: It re-open, all accounts deleted :( ,all topics, all posts, everything! I'm steal searching my exchanges! I hope that people who exchange with me contact with the details.. Basically I have the details but I do not know how to contact them, where to find them.. That was not the best think for me.. These days I'm very busy, I have to check all my exchanges, find my inactive referrals e.t.c.
Although, I still here! Alive and try for my best! :)
Happy Earnings Everyone!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hi, I know I did not post for more than a week.. I was little busy.. But I have good news! Tomorow, I'll reach the cashout at X-bux and PalmBux! (I calculate it ;) ). So by tomorrow, I'll add another 2 instant payments! You might noticed that I added the intoffers payment, as I said, but I did not announce it, that's because I did not have much time to write something about it.. Eventough I'm back, ready to post and update my blog! :)

The last days I recieved many e-mails from people who visit my blog and I'm very happy about this! Thanks for tust me, I'm glad to help you and exchange ideas with you. Hope to recieve more e-mails and comments from my readers :p
Stella :)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Hello! Today I recieved my 3rd payment from Neobux. Instantly like everytime! NeoBux's admin is very honest, you can trust him and start earning online! Here is my Payment Proof.
I also request payment from Intoffers, I'll post proof tomorrow. Intoffers is a very good GPT site, you can earn at least $1.00 every 10 days and is open for international members.
Enjoy this sites everybody!
Stella :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today my blog is a month old! I'm happy is growing and improving day by day. Thanks all of you who visit and read my blog. I'll be happy if you leave comments or send me e-mails with your opinion about my blog or about the sites I'm writing. I'm trying to have only paying sites, so everyone can earn from them.. Eventhough some times I get scammed from the sites I have in my blog, but I'm always inform you for everyhing I know and trying to protect you from scammers.
In the future I'm manage to make a page where I'll add all my link exchanges, because everyday the list under Friends Sites/Blogs..! is growing. There you will be able to add a small review for your site/blog and a banner :). If you want to add your site in the list, send me an e-mail for exchange ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hi! I have some news for NoMinimumCashout and X-bux.

NoMinimumCashout: After the site re-open members started asking for payments, admin said that PayPal payments will be made in 30 days and AlertPay payments in 50 days. I can see in the forum that most of the members recieved their payment, some members didn't. Admin created a place in the forum where everybody can ask for his/her payment if he/she did not recieve it in time. Many members posted there problem there and get an answer from moderators, site is working fine, so if you have the same problem ask for help ;) here. Admin checked out the accounts and deleted many because some were multiple, usernames can be found here.

X-bux: First Payments can be found on the forum! (Click Here to see them). Admin said that the problem with the members who cannot click ads has been reported and it will be fixed soon. 95% of the members are able to click ads, soon everyone will be! :) (Read admin's post here)

That's all for today :) (is the first time I'm writing so much, hope you enjoy and not bored reading :D :p )

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here I am again! :) X-bux gave some bonus today because I did 100 clicks! $0.10 added to my account. After this I search for other bonus I get from the site. It has many! You can find them at the end of the page, click at Bonuses.

Yesterday I request my second payment form NoMinimumCashout.. I heard from many users that they did not recieve payments.. So I visited the forum of the site and I found that there is a problem with it, many users waiting their payment for months others recieve payments in tow days.. That's not fair.. If I recieve my payment I'll inform you..

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hello Everyone!! I'm almost sure that everyone heard about the earthquake in Italy.. So sad about this, many victims :(. Eventhough things are going better..

X-bux has small difficulties with some accounts.. Some members cannot click ads. Tow of my referrals told me about this problem, so I opened a support ticket and asked for help. Support team said that they notice it and they are trying to fix it. I asked them to tell me when the problem solve, they said "Of course we will let you know about it.". When I get an answer I'll inform all of you :), so if you have the same problem just wait a little ;). Their support team is very kind, answering fast. Seems to be honest ptc.
Have fun

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Good News! NoMinimumCashout is open with many new features. Enjoy it!:) 2nd cashout change to $5.00..
SmithBux did not send my payment, so I remove it from my PTC List. I search for recently SmithBux payments but I found nothung :( I'm so sad, I trusted this site.. Hope none of you have a simillar experience..
Stella :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today I request payment from SmithBux. Eventhough it said that is paying instantly and it showed me a message which was telling they paid me, I did not recieve payment. Please do not invest there and stop clicking.. I'll wait till tomorow for my payment, if I do not recieve it I'll remove it from my PTC list. If anybody got paid recently please leave a comment or write your opinion about the site.
Hope none of you had been scammed from this site, I trusted it but I think it turned into scam...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


First day of April! In my country is Spring and I can see flowers everywhere :)
NoMinimuCashout is back! Site did not stay offline even a day, that's good because mean that admin want to keep it alive..! Has a new domain: Hope members can soon use it and earn money.
Payment from IntOffers recieved! In less than 24 hours, is a trusted site, find more info at GPT Page.
Hope this month is full of luck for everybody

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