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Friday, July 31, 2009

31/07/2009 News

Hello!! I'm back with more news!!

ShortBux: Site now paying only via AlertPay.

YouCubez: Some updtes from the site.. Now there is Premium Plus Membership [More Info]. There is Member's Chat, now you can Replace Referrals. Site has paid more than 2,000 and one last members can save 25% from advertising if they add the code which is send to them via e-mail.

RichPtc: Site confirm that payments will be in 60 business days. (I believe is a scam..)

Phantomclicks: Site is offline.. "This script has not been registered correctly!"

ValueBux: Site is sold and new admin has wrote many updates!! PayPal is available again [More Info]. Now there is a Support Team [More Info]. Payouts will be online this Weekend!

UfoClicks: Site has lowered the cashout via PayPal from $1.00 to $0.25

I think I will post the news for the past days soon, need to do some search since I was offline and I don't know what happened..

Visit my Blog tomorrow for more news!!

Site Of The Week:

I'm back!!


I'm back ready to post more news for everyone of you :)

Come back laer to read todays' news or subsrcibe to recieve the news to your e-mail (look at the left). You can also follow if you prefer ;)

I'm thinking to do some updates to my blog.. You will see :)

Stay turned!!
Stella :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'll be offline..

Hello friends,

From today till Friday I'll be offline, so I will not posting News or other posts..
Sorry for this, if I get back earlier I'll let you know :)

Hope you will miss me :P


Saturday, July 25, 2009

25/07/2009 News!!

Hello friends! Enjoy reading :D

FreeBirdBux: Site has reached 10.000 members and it's giving out free referrals for premiums!! [More Info (Must Read)]

HelangPTC: Is back online :)

KickBucks: Site has its' first contest!! A Referral Contest with 3 Winners!! [More Info]

FrozenBux: Site has some Small updates.. [More InfoHere or Here]

Hapy Earnings!!

Site Of The Week:

Friday, July 24, 2009

24/07/2009 News..!

Hello, some news for today :)

EgyptianClicks: Site has now a sister site: PPC Pay Day. Join under the admin and get bonus at EgyptianClicks!!

PalmBux: Is Back!! Faster and as the team said more secure :) Team is manage to add many features on th site and make it better for everyone! I'm so glad to be a member of this site :D

CloudBux: Site is in pre-launch. Accounts' balances will be reset after site launchs.

TuiBux: Site has added SSL security, now is more safe for eveery user :)

AeroBux: Site is open again but registration is not available. Admin said registration will be open when everything will be ok. [More Info]

See you tomorrow :)

Site Of The Week:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

23/07/2009 News

Here are the news! :)

TrekPay: Site has done all the payouts once again! Is doing great from the first day!

MIC-Promotion: Site has done they payouts and has removed renting limits, now members can rent referrals every day :)

PalmBux: Site will be online in a day as owners wrote on the home page. They finished with the servers and canged host too.

TuiBux: Owners are working on 2 new sites, a GPT and a flash game site. Visit the topic and vote what you like ;).

CoinBux: Site has problems with the log in page..

CuteBux: Members from: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India, will be paid only if they upgrade. [More Info]

Stella :)

Site Of The Week:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PalmBux is down for some days now...

Hello friends,

There are some days now PalmBux is not opening.. At first site couldn't found and now is showing a page powered by CentOS.
Many people saying is a DDos attack others that is changing servers and others that it turned into scam.. I have some good news for you :)

I found some information from moderators:
A Moderator of the site (heav3n) wrote at EarnMoneySpace, that the site will be online in some hours. [More Info Here]
Another Moderator (chaobuddy) wrote at PTC Talk that they are upgrading servers. [More Info Here]

So we just have to wait :) PalmBux still alive!
Happy Earnings!!
Stella :)

22/07/2009 News

Hello, like every day, I have some ews for you :D

BuxWiz: Site has a new feature!! Now you can delete your direct referrals!! [More Info]

UltraBux: Site has its' first contest!! An Upgrade Contest. [More Info]

Jaysu: Site still having peoblems with cashout..

HKBuzz: Site suspended from its' host, and now.. Is Back!!

MIC-Promotion: Site has a new feature: now members can delete their inactive direct referrals :) It also sent an activation link today, click it to active your account.

Keep Smiling :) :)

Site Of The Week:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21/07/2009 News

Hello friends,
Here are the news.. :)

Bendovernclick: Site will close on the 3rd of August and re-open with new script and domain: as the admin wrote to their forum. [More Info]

Bux-Service: New service on the future: Soon members will can renew their referral packs. [More Info]

JokerBux: Site is down some days now..

BriteBux: Site has the same script with Litebux, which is not online any more.

ValueBux: Members still cannot cashout...

Stella :)

Site Of The Week:

Monday, July 20, 2009

20/07/2009 News

Hello Online Money Makers!!

MIC-Promotion: Today there is 50% disscount for all referral supplies of the sites. Harry Up!! :)

Turquads: Site has a great offer till 31 July. [More Info]

CoBux and Palmbux: Sites are down

: From T.O.S.: Every member who recieve a payment, have to invest at leat 50% of it, to recieve next payment.

BrmBux: There are complaints of non-payment at the forum.

TryPTC: Site is not opening it trunser you to a HYIP Monitor.

That's for today :)

Site Of The Week:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

19/07/2009 News

Todays' News..!!

BuxWiz: Site is up again. Admin said there was a problem with rented referrals. [More Info]. Hope it will not happen again :)

NeoBux: Site paid over $10 million!! All moeney cashouted instantly!! [More Info]

MIC-Promotion: Site has now "Blocked proxies!". From now proxy sites cannot access MIC-Promotion. :) Also Admin created2 125x125 banners.

VelvetClix: Site is 5 Months old and already has more than 10,000 Members. They have sale 20% discount for all purchases with Paypal and Alertpay and 30% discount for all purchases with using your account balance till site reach 11,000 Mmembers. Enjoy!!

CoBux, BPbuxand CoinBux: Sites are down..

UltimateClix: Site is for sale.. again.. [More Info]

Croc-Cash: Site celebrated its' 5th birthday some days ago!! Recommended!!

See you tomorrow :)

Site Of The Week:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

18/08/2009 News :)

Here I am again!! With everything I found out :D

QualityBux: Site don't accept payments from non verified PayPal accounts. QualityBuxs' rent sistem is now online.

Bux-Service: Site Launched!! Now Standar members have to click at least 150 ads to cashout and Premium 125. Also direct referral limit for Standars is 75 and unlimited for Premium.

Rev.Sh: Site is oficially closed.

UltraBux: Site Sold! [More Info Here and Here]

GammaBux: Sies' forum gone..

FreeBirdBux: From T.O.S.: Every member who receive a payout request will have to reinvest at least 40% of his/her total payout. This amount will be added to his/her purchase balance to reinvest.

MIC-Promotion: Referral renting system and monthly premium package are ready!!

Happy Earnings!!
Stella :)

Site Of The Week:

Friday, July 17, 2009

17/07/2009 News

Hello friends, more news for you and me ;)

Star-Clicks: Site has some problems with loading.

RowBux: Site has a fantastic offer for the next 24 hours. Advertising clicks you will purchase, via any payment processor site uses and via your balance, you will get them in double amount!! Harry Up!!

TuiBux: Site is down..

MyPTCClicks: Site is down with database error.

CD-Mails: Site is for sale.. [More Info]

Joy-Click: Site has some problems with database and code..

ValueBux: Members cannot cashout, there is not payment method available.

QualityBux: Site is in pre-launch, it has a forum and admin said that the accounts will not reset after the pre-launch.

More news coming!! Stay turned :)

Site Of The Week:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

16/07/2009 News

Hello :) Here is what I learned today :D

BuxWiz: Site is offline with serious server problems.

Creative PTC and Latino Clicks Are Back: Owner said that he bought new domains but old accounts still active.

EarnEasyCash: Site is offline.

OnaBux and Ultrabux: Sites are for Sale

CooBux: From T.O.S.: Standar members can only refer 40 direct referrals

Joy-Click: It has a new Payment Option, Liberty Reserve added, it will be available for cashout too, soon.

I think that's all :)
More news coming tomorrow, hope to see you here ;)

Site Of The Week:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15/07/2009 News!!

The first news I post, hope you like my idea and find it helpful :)

: Site doesn't pay free members..

MeaBux: From T.O.S.: Standar members can only refer 20 direct referrals and premium only 70

DudeBux: Sites' form is currently offline.

HelangPTC: Site is currently under maintenance.

DollarBux: Site is currently offline

ScopeBux: From T.O.S.: Standar members can only refer 30 direct referrals

Cashfling: Site runs a Referral Contest!! :)

That's for today, more news tomorrow :D

Site Of The Week:


Hello friends!!
I would like to post m last tow payments!!
PalmBux, 4th and
Neobux, 6th
Both are great sites and are recommemnded to start earning money!! :D
More information about them here
From today I'll start posting a daily newsletter with everything new I learn for PTC sites.
So stay turned and come back later or tomorrow to get the news, or subscripe your e-mail to recieve them to your e-mail acoount daily :D
Hope this help all of you,
Stella :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hello People!!
Glad to write in my blog once aagain :D
Clicksia changed desing some days before, I prefer the new :D. [More information about Clicksia, here.]
I recieved my 4th payment from PalmBux. [More information about PalmBux, here.]
More news soon

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hello fellow online money makers!
Nice to be back.. I'm ready for new posts and fun!!
I wanted to post my last payments, from:
RowBux - 1st
Bux-Matrix - 2nd
and ValueBux.. I didn't make a screenshot because ValueBux has some problems.. I'm not sure if it will continue paying or not.. :-/
Admin wrote that PayPal limited his/her account, but he/she has posted a poll and ask people for new payment options..We will have more news soon.. I'll search to find recently payments and inform you.
Have Fun,

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