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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bux-Matrix Payment Proof

Online Since: 2008

Clicks: $0.005
Ref Clicks: $0.0025
Paid E-mails: $0.004

Cashout: $2.00
Processors: AlertPay
Payment Time: One Day

Bux-Matrix is just great!


Pediatric Dentist

I remember my self as a child, I was always afraid of Doctors and especially the Dentist.. I don't really know why.. Dentist always was telling me not to eat any sweets which was the worst thing for me! Most of the children are afraid of dentist, but nowadays is easier to find a good Pediatric Dentist, who will help your child understand the reason why to brush his/her teeth and keep them alive! Learn him/her how to have a beautiful smile for all his/her life without stop eating caramels, chocolates and other full of sugar sweets and cakes. A Pediatric Dentist is the key to give to your child a good smile, which he/she will love for the rest of his/her life!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Clickite Payment Proof

Online Since: 2009

Click Links: $0.0001 - $0.0007
Read Ads: $0.0003
Paid To Signup: $0.10
Promote: $0.00005
Referral: 15%

Cashout: $0.10 / $1.00
Processors: PayPal / AlertPay
Payment Time: Some days

Old Payment Proofs:
clickite payment proof, clikite paying
Happy earnings!!


AD: Music!!

I believe everyone likes music, basically listening to music.. Have you ever thought of writing your own music as you like and prefer it? Notation software will help you to write your music easy and fast, which you will save as MP3 so you can listen it to your compute, phone, ipod or anyother console! It also supports: PEG, BMP, TGA, TIFF, EPS (PostScript), Wave.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Global Earn Talk Payment Proof

My first payment from GlobalEarnTalk which is now down.. I don't know what happened but is bad, since it was a paying forum..

Anyway, here is my payment proof:

Hope to see the forum back and working again..


AD: Dog Names

There are many people who like having dogs as pets, they says is human's best friend! Many movies have been made about dogs, they became friends, life savers, heroes etc..
Some movies with the dogs are: Scraps - Airplane, Reno - Top Dog, Raoul - The Buddy Holly Story,Rusty - Mars Attacks!
Here you can find Movie Dog Names, Puppy Boy & Puppy Girl Names which you can give to your dog! It would be nice to have a popular name!

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