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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Referrals - How to get them?

To make a good profit online, you need to have referrals, but how you can get them and where you can find them? I believe the best way to find some referrals is making good offers to people and give them a nice profit of the earnings you have from them. Another thing is to be active to forums and use your signature to advertise your referrals links. You can also do exchanges (join mine I'll join yours).

But I use also some sites to get referrals. All of them working with the same idea. You click banners to get some points and then you give a peace of them to get a referrals. You make a request and waiting for someone to join under you :). You can also try them.

TargetRefs - The first site I found which helped me to get started with getting referrals

targetrefs, get referrals, free referrals
You get credits by clicking banners, join programs or buy them. Tip: You can click more than on banner each time ;)
I had written an e-book about TargetRefs, which might help you use the site. You can find it here
Join TargetRefs

ProgramRefs is a very useful site, you can easily understand how it works and love it!

programrefs, get referrals, free referralsProgramRefs is same to TargetRefs, you can click many banners at the same time too!
Join ProgramRefs

SimpleRefs - The last program which have the same desing with the tow I provide before

simplerefs, get referrals, free referrals
This three sites are very useful, I recommend them, they will help you build easily a very good downline :)
Join SimpleRefs

DownlineRefs - Powered by the team who own TargetRefs, ProgramRefs and SimpleRefs!

downlinerefs, get referrals, free referrals
Nice desing, easy to use you can click as many ads as you want each time! :)
Join DownlineRefs

StarReferrals! Site owned by the team which own DealBarbie

starreferrals, get referrals, free referrals
You are able to click more than one ad per time here too!
Join StarReferrals

Hope this sites help you get referrals like they help me :)


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