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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Easy Task! - New GPT site!

You might already know about this new Get Paid To site, but I'm here to share with my small and unproffesional review on it :)

MyEasyTask launched 8-Jan-2010 is brand new so is a bit difficult ot mark it as legit from now, eventhough it has a very nice design and propably a good code.
Site has copyright 2009 even if it launcehd on 2010! I think site was coding during the 2009 and admin(s) forgot to change it. It's powered by QualityMaximizer a company I don't know but Google gave me this site QualityMaximizer which is a Demo site so I couldn't get much information about them.. Their who is is open: QualityMaximizer Whois something which is good.

Site has some small problems..
  • My Success Rate still 100% even if 2 of the tasks I have done were denied.
  • Their font changes in some pages, make sites' image bad
  • In the referral page only usernames are shown, not from where the referral came from, something useless
  • International members are getting "US Only" tasks
  • Referral bonus are adden on the "Account balance" instan of "Bonus credit"

From my experience:
Site has many new task daily to do, which means lot of advertisters, as most of us know a site with real advertisters can be succesful :)
Referral bonus are credited instant when someonw joins under you, that's very good!!
Tasks are reviewed very fast, means that employers are active too.

To Sum Up:
This is a new site which looks very promissing. We can try it since earning there is easy, and if the owner is a honest person recieve our money! I cannot promise that it will stay online for ever, but I can tell that this site will be online for long, and is a good online earning opportunite for everyone.

As soon as I find prooves that this site is paying, I will let everyone know. Hope soon I will post my own payment proof from this site :)

Happy Earnings!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Weeks' Stats

Hello friends,

I have weeks stats :) I have good news and bad news... Let me start with the good first! :D :D

The Best New of the Month!! My microWorkers PIN recieved!! I'm superb happy about this!! My work there till I reached $9.00 is now in the final way!! Site is paying fast as many people said, so I'm happy to have a pendning payment too!! :D
I think most of you know what microWorkers is, if no you can learn more in my GPT List and in this post: Microworkers Growing and Growing!! microWorkers was on my Top 10 in 2009 too!! Some simple words about microWorkers: Is a site where you can earn but doing easy and fast to do jobs. You will be paid at least 10cents for each job you complete. Cashout is $9.00 via PayPal, Moneybookers or Check. Payments in 30 net days.

More good news are waiting --> Continue Reading ;)

Some Payments Recieved!!
As I said in my previews post, there are some sites which I was sure they will pay me, so here we go!! My Payment Prooves!! :D

Intoffers!! Recieved the next day!

As I said again, Intoffers lets you cashout even if you done only one offer and is paying in a day, so there is no time wasting!! :D

JillsClickCorner!! Recieved after 3 days!

JillsClickCorner is the site with the most offers I have ever see! With friendly and fast support :)

DonkeyMails!! Recieved after 7 days No Minimum PayoutDonkeymails is a site which has many daily e-mails to read and earn more than 10cents only by reading e-mails and clicking daily.

Some Bad News..
My other pending payments (ninebux and mappbux) haven't recieved yet... NineBux has now only one self-served ad, I think admin is no longer active there.. Mappbux has some hosting or server problems, since sometimes is oline, sometimes offline...

Good News are here again :D
I have joined some new sites, with low cashout <10cents! href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> - Daily automatic PayPal payments of $0.01
I got paid more than 5 times arleady and still reaching the cashout in mostly 2 days!
My last 2 payments,I haven't been so active there.. Now I'll try more :D

ClixLine - $0.02 cashout via PayPal 1% fees

Earning there is fast but a bit hard since it has many many ads of $0.002, but is good that is paying!

You can recieve payments too, links are above ;) :D

That's for this week :)
Have a Nice WeekEnd! :D
Stella ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Weeks' Payment Requests

Hello friends,

I'm glad to anncounce that my blog's PR has become 2!! Also more people are coming and participate to my blog with many ways, like following, subcriping, commenting e.t.c. A Big Thank to All of YOU!

I would like to share my pending payments for this week, hope I will recieve all of them!! :D :P

Trusted Sites - Means I will recieve my payments for sure :P

Amount: $0.21
Requested: 15th
Intoffers is an international paid to sign up site. For each free sign up you make you will recieve 10cents. So you can cashout everytime you finish a sign up! I think that's great!

Amount: $1.56
Requested: 14th
Jills Click Corner is one of my best Paid To Sign Up sites because it has up to 8 pages woth offers everyday!! Each page includes 10 sign ups offers from 5 to 25 cents. I'm really excited with this site because I had a problem with an offer and support helped me very fast and fund my balance! No Minimum Payout
Amount: $1.71
Requested: 15th
DonkeyMails has no minimum cashout! Even if you have only one cent in your account, you can request it! It has many options to earn, like doing sign ups ($0.03 to $0.25), clicking ads ($0.0003 to $0.001), reviewing sites ($0.05 to $0.20). It's an easy earning site!

Payments that I'm not sure if I will recieve:

Amount: $0.10
Requested: 13th
NineBux is a not so promissing site, but it paid me once, hope I will be paid again. Is a PTC sites offering $0.002 per click. Minimum cashout is only $0.05!!

Amount: $2.02
Requested: 13th
MappBux is a PTC site too, click rate is $0.01 per click and cashout at $2.00 It took me quite ch time to reach it, so I hope my effort will have results. In the forum I can see todays' payment proofs, this encourange me! :D

Wish me Good Luck with my payments!! :)
All of the sites are accepting International members! The first three sites are legit and trusted, feel free to join them and start earning!!

Stella :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Under Testing Sites - 6th Jan 2010

This sites are not legit, they might stop paying/dissapear anytime or not, that's why I'm testing them, to find out if they worth our time :)

I'm now testing 10 PTCs, so let's take a look at them:

  • Unusal script and design
  • Active Support
  • Paying Instantly

  • Need to watching the ad while is loading You Will Succeed With Us!

2. izyBux
  • Good Direct Referral System
  • Active Support

  • Bought Script
  • Not friendly Support

  • Online and paying for months
  • Active and caring Admin
  • Has many special offers

  • Using a Gen3 Script

4. NineBux
  • Low Minimum Cashout
  • Active Admin
  • Fast Payments
  • Many Daily Ads
  • Using a Free Script

Got Paid One :D

4. ApprovedBux
  • Unusual Script
  • Good Daily Earnings
  • Has been online and closed in the past
Join Here :)

5. AdPTC
  • Active Admin
  • Many Daily Ads
  • Nice Design

  • Gen Script
  • Low clcik rates

6. NippyClick
  • Low Cashout

  • Many Daily Clicks
  • Ususal Script

That's for now :) I'll be posting Testing sites after the list changes a lot. You can have a look and decide if you want to join or not. Any payment proofs from any of this sites requested will be updated on the list. Each payment which will be recieved will be ancounced with a post.

I know my "reviews are not proffesional but I just wanted to share the sites I'm working at with you :)

Hope I helped you,

P.S.: Sorry for not publishing yesterday, there were an HTML error which I couldn't find, finally after reading and reading again I found it and publish the post immidendy!! :D

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