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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hello everyone! Hope you are ok :)

There are some days now I use Lockerz, is site where yo earn points called PTZ and you can use them to get gifts.
Earning PTZ is very easy for now, you only need to log in and earn 2PTZ and answer a question to earn another 2PTZ! Total 4PTZ daily.

You might wondering what kind of questions will you answer. Lockerz is not asking personal questions. Some of the questions I members were asked to answer till now are:
Email or Texting?
Do you wear fur?
Which is your favorite charity?
I believe that questions like this are easy to answer and do not need any knowledge.. :)
Here is another question:


I think is important to know some of the gifts you can find there, so I paste the list Lockerz sent me (15/10/2009) here.
Would you like to have an Ipdo Touch? You can have when you collect 600PTZ, or a simple Ipod for only 100PTZ!!

Lockerz Team is talking for a communitie! Lockerz is a site which will grow and there will be added many other ways to earn PTZ Daily!

To be a member of Lockerz you need to be invited first, so I created a form where you can request an invication from me. That means you will be my referral, hope you are ok with this :)

So what are referrals really do? When you reach 20 referrals, you become a ZET-Lister! When you are a ZET-Lister, the PTZ you earn daily will be double!! Plus you will get 2PTZ per referral!
Exciting?? I think yes! So join now and start referring!! :D

Ask an Invite Here:

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Lockerz will soon launch!! More info will be posted!!
Stay turned,
Stella :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Microworkers Growing and Growing!!

Hello fellow online money makers..

Long time to post here.. Sorry about this I was on the way to give up all this because I was so dissapointed from all this scams..
Finally I decided to continue making a small profit online with only long time paying sites.. That's more safe and fun! Believe me!!

As you might noticed I posted a Top 10 PTC List.. I tried to put only paying sites.. Hope you find it helpful and legit ;)

To our subject now!
I have been using MicroWorkers some months now and I found it very cool, easy to use and fast earning site!
Do you have 3 minuts?? You have 10cents! So easy!! Many 3minutes jobs for everyone! Need more? Work a bit more! 10minutes jobs 50 or more cents!!

I recommend it for everyone, new jobs every day! More earnings every day!
You can find more information in GPT Page.

See you soon,
Stella :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Top 10 PTCs

Top 10 PTCs

$0.01 Per Click - $0.005 Per RefClick - $2.00 Instant Cshout via PayPal and AlertPay

$0.009+ Per Click - $0.0025 Per RefClick - $10.00 Cshout via PayPal and AlertPay in 24h

$0.005 Per Click - $0.0025 Per RefClick - $2.00 Cshout via AlertPay in 24h

$0.005 Per Click - $0.0025 Per RefClick - $10.00 Cshout via PayPal in 24h

$0.005 Per Click - $0.0025 Per RefClick - $7.99 Cshout via PayPal in 45days

6.WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
$0.01 Per Click - $0.005 Per RefClick - $10.00 Cshout via PayPal in 24h

$0.01 Per Click - $0.005 Per RefClick - $10.00 Cshout via Check
$0.003 Per Click - 30% Per RefClick - $5.00 Cshout via PayPal in 24h

$0.007 Per Click - $0.005 Per RefClick - $2.00 Cshout via PayPal and AlertPay in 45 days

$0.008 Per Click - $0.008 Per RefClick - $2.00 Cshout via PayPal and AlertPay instantly!!

This is my Top 10 PTCs. There are not listed from 'the best to the worst', I just did the list because I think these sites worth and will be online for long time. All of them are at lest (or reaching soon) one year old and still paying since today (03/10/2009). Enjoy and start earning!!

Stella :)

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